The Scaries - Web of the Wicked

The third chapter in THE SCARIES series is planned for an October 2016 release. The Scaries - Web of the Wicked continues the struggles of fictional Arkansas City residents Ray Davis, David Braysden and Ashleigh Graves. 

Mancave Books has released a trailer for the upcoming release. Catch it on YouTube. The cast: Layne Moore (Bob Yuri), Clara Cobb (Ashleigh Graves) and Sam Moore (The Witch). Special thanks to Katie Moore for makeup. 









Very excited to be working again with photographer Lori Root of Rootsquared Photography for the cover images. Please visit her on Facebook . 


From author Layne Moore:

"The second book left everything upside down - I mean, you see new characters coming into it while the story line goes deeper. The progression of the stories beginning with the first is like 'whoa, I didn't see that coming' to the second book where the roof caved in. I see the third book as a place where everyone's lives hang in the balance and anything can happen."

Clara Cobb portrays Ashleigh Graves in trailer for THE SCARIES - Web of the Wicked by Layne Moore.


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